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28 short years ago Ken Smith and I were riding in an old red Jeep CJ-S from one National Park to another, exploring our favorite place in the world "The American West". While at Bryce Canyon we ran into a group of seniors touring Southern Utah on a bus. We had just come up out of the canyon and was sitting on a bench at the trailhead. One couple came over to read the sign and asked us what was down there. Ken quickly pointed out a most unusual sight......a pine tree in a narrow canyon wash had grown straight up until it finally reached above the canyon walls and spread it branches to drink up as much sunlight as possible.

The gentleman asked how long it would take to get to it and Ken explained “15 minutes or so down and back.” The man responded "Well, we're only allowed 5 to 10 minutes at this stop." and they turned to head back to the bus.......that planted the seed that grew into an idea that became a dream know as Travel Crazy.

When you drive back across Kansas there's not a lot to do but talk and talking was something Ken Smith did very well.......we both agreed that people work all of their lives and when they finally have the money and time to go see all of the places they dreamed of seeing, it was just wrong to herd them around like cattle. Rushing from point A to point B, only caring about meeting a schedule. Seeing things that were important parts of their dream through the bus windows as they head down the road.

We studied many companies and read their ads and catalogs.....noticing key phrases throughout. You know what I'm talking about, "As we head up l-5, if we're lucky and the weather is clear, we'll be able to see Mt. Rainier out the windows on our right side..." Here's a thought, how about going up on top of Mt. Rainier and looking down at all of the people looking up at us through those windows.

So we decided that it would make sense to model motor coach trips after family vacations. You remember.....load up the car with the kids in the back, a cooler with soft drinks or Kool-Aid iced down inside, a few of your favorite munchies, and a few games to play to pass the time. We all still know what a padiddle is or how to find that really rare license plate!

So, much to the chagrin of friends and families. We started a business in which we had no experience, or background other than spending numerous weeks traversing the American West in that old red jeep. We had to be CRAZY to do such a thing. Thus, TRAVEL CRAZY became our moniker of choice, and what a choice it was!

We were so lucky, over the years, to build such a great family of friends and fellow travelers. Family is the way both of us chose to look at each and every one of our traveling friends, even though Ken is gone now, we're going to make sure that dream continues.

We don't make you wear nametags or rotate seats. We just want you to have a good time. lf you haven't traveled with us yet, give us a try. We've got the adoption papers ready for you!

Kenn Harp Owner - Travel Crazy, INC

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